Solo show at Galleri Mejan, Stockholm 2017. The installation consists of two works; the sculpture on the floor, and the wall-based pieces with lights behind them. 

The middle sculpture with the same title as the exhibition, is made in marble jesmonite and bronze. It is a reflection on mortality and how the body is handled and placed after death, but also a play on historical references such as the use of black and white as colour coding for funerals and mourning. The body's placement is open and relaxed, neither sinking nor floating. The frog is sculpted and casted in bronze and is symbolizing metamorphosis and the process of transitioning from one stage to another, at the same time as it is a reference to the medieval memento mori tomb of Francois I de La Sarra in Switzerland. The wood logs on the floor comes from a dock, probably 1500-1600's, and was bought from the estate of a glazier in Stockholm Old Town. They create an imaginary surface and an organic element of time, fragmentation and decay. 

The wall-based sculptures are made of glass, steel, tube lights and human hair from 240 different people casted into polyester resin. The pigment of the hair is the sole source of colour in the tiles. For the artist, this is symbolizing the flow of people coming and going in her life and work as a nurse in terminal cancer care. They are placed as a surrounding light to the self portrait memento mori in the middle. The glass panes with the tube lights can be related to the x-ray slide trying to make the human body transparent to the eye.